Keith Arem, director of the video game Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that achieved $550m in sales in its first five days earlier in the month, will make his feature directorial debut on the action thriller Frost Road.

Cary Brokaw’s Avenue Pictures, whose credits include Closer and Angels In America, will produce with Steven L’Heureux’s live-action feature film, television and animation production company Solipsist Films in association with Arem’s digital content creation company PCB Productions.

Arem wrote the screenplay for Frost Road, which centres on a young man who awakens from a car accident and discovers he is mysteriously immune to a deadly contagion that has wiped out a small town on the East Coast.

“I’m extremely excited about this story and thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the skills I’ve honed in the game industry to the big screen,” Arem, who is developing Frost Road as a graphic novel with co-creator Brandon Humphreys, said.

“There’s an incredible talent pool currently working in the game industry, and I hope that the success of Frost Road will give other creators the chance to show what they can do on a wider canvas.”

“There’s a great deal that film can learn from the dynamic and immersive experience of games, in the same way the medium has drawn on graphic novels for visual inspiration,” Brokaw added. “With Frost Road, we believe that we’ve harnessed the best of not just both, but all three worlds.”

“It is a pleasure working with Arem,” L’Heureux said. “He is smart and passionate about everything he does and Frost Road will really show off his sense of film-making.”

Avenue Pictures most recently produced The Resident starring Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Hammer Films, which is in post-production.

PCB has developed more than 500 commercial titles, including franchises for the Call Of Duty, Guitar Hero, Lord Of The Rings, Ghost Recon and Prince Of Persia video game series.