The film industry’s use of data and the need to establish better education among issues discussed.


Hosted at the Berlin Film Festival, the second edition of Propellor Film Tech Hub took place on Tuesday (Feb 14), with 11 calls to action drawn up on how the film and technology industries can work together more effectively.

Following on from last month’s kickstarter event at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Propellor Speednic in Berlin was an invitation-only working session for members of the film and tech industries.

Among the 11 action points are suggestions that the film industry needs to use data more effectively, the need to establish more media and film education in schools, and the need to develop stronger connections between filmmakers and audiences.

Run as a joint initiative between IFFR, Berlin’s European Film Market (EFM), Copenhagen-based film festival CPH:DOX and Berlin-based film innovation studio Cinemathon, Propellor Film Tech Hub sees a selection of personnel from the film industry, tech industry and further afield invited to collaborate on the development of a series of embryonic ideas designed to aid the future of the film industry.

The next two Propellor events will be:

  • Propellor Springboard in Copenhagen hosted by CPH:DOX on March 17-19; a two and half day ‘Hackathon’ with two projects created during the event pitching at CPH:DOX Art, Tech, Change conference.
  • Propellor Springboard in Berlin hosted by Cinemathon on April 28-30; follows the same format as Copenhagen event.


  1. Gain clarity about the challenges and opportunities in the film industry  
  2. Teach entrepreneurship and innovation strategies in film schools 
  3. Embrace interdisciplinarity, co-creation and collaboration 
  4. Find new formats of curation for the growing amount of audiovisual content 
  5. Learn how to use data as a tool in decision making  
  6. Develop new connections between filmmakers with audiences 
  7. Redesign the cinema-going experience
  8. Establish media and film education in schools 
  9. Apply the film industry’s creative potential to business innovation 
  10. Use festivals as testing grounds for new business models  
  11. Build a sustainable dialogue between the film and tech communities