Bullying and sexual harassment is “rife” in the film and TV stunt industry, according to a study published by actors’ union Equity.

The survey was completed by 78 stunt performers and found nearly half had “frequently or sometimes” been the subject of bullying, while 47% highlighted sexual harassment as an issue at work.

Insulting behaviour, the spreading of malicious rumours and threats of violence were among the issues highlighted by those questions. Nearly all said stunt coordinators are the main perpetrators of bullying, while 40% laid the blame on fellow stunt performers.

More than 90% of those surveyed failed to report the bullying and harassment for fear of never being offered work again.

The study was commissioned by Joint Industry Stunt Committee, which comprises Equity, the BBC, ITV and Pact. Equity general secretary Christine Payne said: “These figures are truly shocking and confirm what our members have been telling us that the bullying and sexual harassment of stunt performers is rife in the film and TV industry.

“It is intolerable that Equity members are being subjected to such behaviour on a regular basis and we are working with the employers to clean up the industry and ensure everyone who works in it can do so without being bullied or harassed.”

Pact chief executive John McVay added: “Pact will be working with Equity, other film trade bodies, and public agencies to make certain that all necessary steps are taken to ensure that everyone - and particularly those in a position which can affect any employee’s freedom to work - are reminded of the legal and professional standards of behaviour.”