New Thai sales agent Mosquito Films, launched at IFFR, has revealed further details of its plans.

Bangkok-based Mosquito, founded by six leading Thai filmmakers, has made it clear that the creation of the company will not stop its members from working with European partners.

For example, Palme D’Or winning Apichatpong Weerasethakul is continuing to collaborate closely with German sales outfit The Match Factory. He is preparing new project Cemetery Of Kings with their support.

“For certain films, we think we can group them together and get them to audiences in a better way,” stated Lee Chatametikool, director of IFFR Tiger contender Concrete Clouds and one of the founding members of the new sales collective.

“Also, we have this back catalogue of films that are available to sale and still have a shelf life, especially Apichatpong’s shorts.”

The current Mosquito slate includes omnibus film Letters From The South, which features short films from Tsai Ming Liang and Royston Tan, among others, assessing their feelings toward their original homeland, China.

“What we like about the collection of films [on the current slate) is that it is varied in style but also in content and approach,” said Chatametikool.

“It gives you a diverse view of what cinema in Thailand and south-east Asia is happening today.

“When people think about Thai film, they sometimes just think about Apichatpong. This is a way to get more different styles of films out there.”

Mosquito is in talks with a new Thai distributor, whose identity has yet to be disclosed, which is set to release Concrete Clouds in Thai cinemas later this year.

The company also has its own relationships with Thai exhibitors. It arranged the five-screen release of one of its titles - Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit - by negotiating directly with theatres.

Chatametikool said that Mosquito’s philosophy is to do whatever is best for the film.

“If, on certain projects, it makes sense to do a co-production agreement or work with a foreign sales agent, then that is good for that film,” he said.

“We are focusing on trying to create relationships with distributors in different countries and to work with them. There is a local understanding of various markets that the local distributors have which we don’t have.”

The Concrete Clouds director also suggested that money generated through Mosquito sales activity will be diverted back into production