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    Awaking From A Dream


    Dir/ scr: Freddy Mas Franqueza. Sp-Pol. 2008. 100mins.

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    Oishii Man


    Dir: Kim Jeong-jung. SK. 2008. 98mins.

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    Dim Sum Funeral


    Dir: Anna Chi. US-Can. 2008. 94mins .

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    Miao Miao


    Dir: Cheng Hsiao-tse. HK-Tai. 2008. 83mins.

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    Da Da's Dance


    Dir: Zhang Yuan. China. 2008. 92mins.

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    The Gift To Stalin


    Dir. Rustem Abdrashev. Kazakhstan/Russia/Poland/Israel 2008. 97 mins.

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    The Photograph


    Dir: Nan Triveni Achnas. Indonesia/France. 2007. 98min . Sentiment can be a good thing but laying it on as thick as Nan Triveni Achnas does in The Photograph risks exhausting the patience of even the staunchest soap opera fan. A weepie about the country girl in the big city who ...

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    Milky Way Liberation Front


    Dir. Yoon Seongho. South Korea. 2007. 100min. An avalanche of wild ideas, absurd gags, ironic comments and film parodies assaults the viewer in Yoon Seongho's anarchic debut film, Milky Way Liberation Front . Coming across as a Day For Night gone awry and shot at breakneck speed, the film follows ...

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    Dir: Lee Seong Han. S Korea. 2007. 105min. Intermittently funny but always energetic, this spoof action film displays the kind of flair and attitude that will win fans at home and attract the interest of many film festival s especially for midnight screenings. Lee Seong Han, a fan of the ...

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    The Red Awn (Hongse Kangbaiyin)


    Dir.Cai Shangjun. China. 2007. 108mins Already established as a highly successful screenwriter whose work with Zhang Yang on Shower and Sunflower won international kudos, Cai Shangjun steps behind the camera for the first time with a film whose theme - a father-son relationship - has info rmed his previous ...

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    Dir. Darezhan Omirbaev. Kazakhstan / France, 2007. 88 Min. Darezhan Omirbayev's minimalist film takes Tolstoy's Anna Karenina from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Almaty and Astana, and from 1877 to 2007. It is an adaptation that will surprise many by the economy of means applied to one of ...