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Adrian Pennington

  • 'My Life As A Courgette' director reveals details of next projects


    Claude Barras is working on animated features based on Oedipus and deforestation.
  • How the 'Fantastic Beasts' VFX team created a world of amazing monsters


    For the first instalment in Warner Bros’ planned five-film follow-up to the Harry Potter franchise, the visual-effects team transposed JK Rowling’s wizarding world to 1926 New York City.
  • In Focus: the UK's booming VFX scene


    With the exchange rate in their favour, the UK’s visual-effects houses have never been in greater demand. But how is the sector adapting as Brexit looms and investment heads east?
  • Infrastructure analysis: Can UK studios maintain the pace?


    The UK’s studio infrastructure faces unprecedented demand from Hollywood tentpoles and high-end television.
  • Sony, Ang Lee among heavyweights invited to explore Douglas Trumbull's Magi Pod cinema format


    EXCLUSIVE: Private demonstrations of the exhibition format to take place over summer.
  • Experiential cinema: set to stun


    A growing arsenal of immersive technologies is being deployed this summer by international exhibitors to tempt consumers off the sofa and into cinemas. Adrian Pennington reports.
  • Hollywood Tech Retreat shifts attention to UK


    A behind-the-scenes look at Game Of Thrones and a blow-by-blow account of the virtual production techniques used to create Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book are highlights of the HPA Tech Retreat which debuts in the UK next month (July 13-14).
  • Ang Lee's war drama 'Billy Lynn' faces projection challenge


    EXCLUSIVE: Only a handful of exhibitors will be able to screen Ang Lee’s anticipated drama as the director intends.
  • Lytro debuts holographic video camera for cinema


    The prototype is being revealed at the Future of Cinema conference (part of the NAB show) in Las Vegas this week.
  • 'Ex Machina's Sara Bennett first woman VFX supervisor to win Oscar


    Bennett is only the third woman nominated in the category, also won by Suzanne Benson in 1986; UK VFX highlighted at awards.
  • ScreenTech: The return of film


    A resurgence of interest in shooting on film is giving a new lease of life to international film labs.
  • Drones: hover craft


    Drones are increasingly being used by film-makers to achieve shots that would have previously been impossible.
  • UK VFX industry going above and beyond


    SCREEN SUBSCRIBERS: The UK’s VFX facilities are growing on the back of rising global demand. But how is the pressure to meet deadlines affecting business models and employees?
  • VFX overtime concern swells union ranks


    EXCLUSIVE: UK union BECTU says membership has “skyrocketed” in recent months due to overtime conditions.
  • Digital’s phase two


    An array of new presentation options are emerging as digital cinema reaches market saturation. But cost, complexity and legacy projection equipment remain significant issues, reports Adrian Penningon.
  • Virtual reality bytes


    Studios and VFX facilities are experimenting with animated and live-action virtual reality in anticipation of a new consumer mass market. Adrian Pennington reports.
  • ScreenTech: Lighten the mood


    Christie Digital’s offerings for an enhanced cinema experience include its new 6P 3D laser projection system that ramps brightness up to 2D levels, as well as the Vive Audio speaker system. Adrian Pennington reports.
  • Fox backs laser projection to lift 3D box office


    The era of laser illuminated projection came a little closer over the weekend following screenings of Life of Pi and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes using new Christie Digital technology which promise to lift levels of 3D movies to a par with that enjoyed in 2D.
  • Trumbull: Super HFR could revitalise cinema


    IBC: VFX veteran Douglas Trumbull claims the groundbreaking technology could revitalise the theatrical experience.
  • Double Negative exec talks post-merger expansion


    Prime Focus World makes “significant valuation” for the UK VFX house.
  • ScreenTech: Sound investments


    With the dust barely settled on digital switchover, exhibitors have begun investing in new audio technology to further differentiate their offer from home cinema. Adrian Pennington reports
  • CineEurope: Exhibitors can join forces to boost event cinema


    Quality of content, targeted marketing and the wider backing of exhibitors are keys to building alternative content into a $1 billion market, according to leading content owners, distributors and exhibitors attending CineEurope.
  • Godzilla slated for Dolby Atmos


    EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros. Godzilla and Disney’s Need for Speed are the latest titles to be slated for mixing in Dolby’s immersive audio format Atmos, ScreenDaily has learned.
  • Company3 ties with iDailies to secure 35mm processing in UK


    The mid-term future of 35mm and 16mm film processing in the UK looks to have been secured in an eleventh hour deal struck between Deluxe-owned Company3 and London film lab iDailies.
  • D-Cinema advances push exhibitors to invest


    With digital transition of the world’s 130,000 cinema screens expected to be complete in the major territories by 2015, technology suppliers are lining up the next big technical advance with which to entice further investment from exhibitors.
  • Life in the fast frame


    Peter Jackson is shooting The Hobbit at 48fps, and James Cameron is set to follow suit with Avatar 2. But what is the point if films cannot yet be projected at such a high spec? Adrian Pennington reports
  • Pace adds three Quantel Sids


    3D rig specialist Pace has purchased three Quantel Sid Stereo3D workstations for on-set post production.
  • The Bakery debuts 3D lighting tool


    French visual effects developer The Bakery is introducing Bakery Relight,a relighting and rendering suite for the production of stereo 3D animated features.
  • The Senate opens Soho office


    London, Twickenham-based VFX boutique The Senate Visual Effects has opened a second studio in Soho.  Located in the same building as audio house De Lane Lea, the facility will offer shot reviews, screenings and other VFX processes.
  • Double Negative’s Oscar VFX contenders


    Three films featuring work from Double Negative have been nominated for a 2011 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Inception, Iron Man 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1.
  • UK conference Beyond HD to address future of digital formats


    Beyond HD, a two-day film and TV conference on Feb 26 and 27, will host seminars, panels and workshops about how filmmakers can best use digital formats, including 3D.
  • Panavision supports 3D features including new Harold & Kumar


    Rental firm Panavision has supplied three recently completed 3D films with cameras, lenses and rigs.
  • The Hobbit, Spider-Man use Red's Epic cameras


    Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, which starts shooting in February in New Zealand, will use 30 Epic cameras from Red Digital Cinema.
  • XDC using SmartJog for 100 European cinemas


    Digital cinema service XDC is deploying SmartJog’s digital delivery network to 100 cinemas in Portugal, Belgium and Austria.
  • Paul WS Anderson: 'I'm a 3D convert'


    Having completed back to back stereo 3D shoots for Resident Evil: Afterlife and The Three Musketeers, director Paul WS Anderson now wants to make all his productions in the format.
  • Technicolor launching unit for 2D to 3D conversion


    Technicolor is to launch a high-end post production 2D to 3D conversion unit for feature film and television productions sited in London, LA and India.
  • UK trade minister calls for private investment in film


    UK Trade Minister, Lord Jones of Birmingham is calling on private investors to take a longer term view of film production.Speaking to at the IBC convention in Amsterdam, the minister said: 'I would love to see private investment in film production applied with a longer term perspective. 'In Germany and other EU countries private funders view three years as short term. In the UK that is considered long term'The former leader of UK ...