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    Box office analysis 2015: Germany


    SCREEN SUBSCRIBERS: A slapstick comedy has become the biggest local film of all time in what is set to be the most successful year at the German box office in history.

  • Minions

    Box office analysis 2015: France, Germany, Spain


    SCREEN SUBSCRIBERS: Screen surveys the European box office landscape in 2015 and charts the top 25 titles of the year to date in three key territories.

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    Box office analysis: foreign-language films in the US


    SCREEN SUBSCRIBERS: The top 40 foreign-language films at the US box office to date in 2015 and how they have performed.

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    Drawing power: animation special


    While Hollywood continues to dominate animation globally, European distributors and producers are increasingly looking to grab a slice of the pie. Geoffrey Macnab looks at the state of play.

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    Charlie Hebdo: fallout within the film industry


    The attack on Charlie Hebdo sent shockwaves through the creative industries. Andreas Wiseman considers the fallout within the film industry and gauges the climate for challenging film-making

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    Roundtable: Tapping into talent


    Industry experts gathered at a Creative England, British Council and Screen International roundtable in Cannes to discuss ways to support new film-making talent. Andreas Wiseman recaps the key discussion points.

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    Creative Week: creative solutions


    At MBI’s inaugural Creative Week, some 800 delegates heard about the latest inspiring work across new and old platforms. Andreas Wiseman highlights the discussions across a variety of industry issues.

  • 3D audience

    US exhibition: the people’s choices


    John Hazelton examines how US exhibitors are changing along with audiences, including offering an enhanced cinema experience with more varied options

  • Filming

    UK film finance: BFI backs joined-up approach


    A new joint-venture scheme from the BFI aims to drive up investment in UK independent films by helping producers and distributors to share the risks and rewards of distribution.

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    Bonds put safety first


    Traditionally regarded with wariness by European and Asian producers, completion bonding is an increasingly important part of any production. Geoffrey Macnab explores the landscape