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Source: HYPE FILM/Pulse Films/Marco Krüger/Schramm Film/Egil Håskjold Larsen/Sant & Usant/LAMF/Shirley Inc.

L-R: ‘Persian Lessons’, ’Mogul Mowgli’, ’Undine’, ’Gunda’, ’Shirley’

Screen International critics select some of the buzziest titles from the 2020 Berlin Film Festival’s Competition, Berlinale Special, Panorama and Encounters sections. 


Bad Tales
Dir. Damiano D’Innocenzo, Fabio D’Innocenzo
Our critic said: “Visually distinctive and intensely atmospheric, Bad Tales is good news for anyone on the lookout for new Italian stylists to succeed Paolo Sorrentino.”
International sales: Match Factory
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Dir. Tsai Ming-Liang 
Our critic said: “Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-Liang delivers a trademark slow-burn drama about two lonely men finding each other.”
International sales: Homegreen Films
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My Little Sister
Dir. Stephanie Chuat, Veronique Reymond
Our critic said: “The film’s core is Nina Hoss, delivering a raw, compelling, performance that is up there with her strong turns in Christian Petzold’s Barbara or last year’s underrated The Audition.”
International sales: Beta Cinema
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There Is No Evil
Dir. Mohammad Rasoulof
Our critic said: “Like his colleague Jafar Panahi, Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof is forced to find ever more ingenious ways of making films.”
International sales: Films Boutique
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Dir. Christian Petzold
Our critic said: “The film marks another high point in the seemingly unstoppable rise of Transit actress Paula Beer.”
International sales: The Match Factory
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Berlinale Special

Dir. Johannes Naber
Our critic said: “The film’s dry, sometimes absurdist humour should ensure positive word of mouth when it is released domestically in the autumn.”
International sales: Arri Media International 
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Persian Lessons
Dir. Vadim Perelman
Our critic said: “A big, widescreen cinematic ride which deftly mixes suspense, laughter and tears, Persian Lessons marks a return to form for Ukranian-born Canadian director Perelman, 17 years after his Oscar-nominated debut House Of Fog.
International sales: Memento Films International
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Dir. Srdan Golubovic
Our critic said: “The latest feature from Golubovic (The Trap, Circles) combines the social realism of a Dardenne brothers heartbreaker with a Capra-like fanfare for the ordinary man.”
International sales: The Match Factory 
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Source: Maja Medic/Film House Baš Čelik


Mogul Mowgli
Dir. Bassam Tariq
Our critic said: “While the picture doesn’t quite maintain its vigorous energy through to the very end, it is still a satisfyingly knotty exploration of the bi-cultural experience.”
International sales: Charades 
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Dir. Jeanette Nordahl
Our critic said: “While there’s an undoubted familiarity to the bones of this crime family drama, there’s enough added nuance to fascinate, something which is further enhanced by a clear directorial voice drawing strong work from all departments.”
International sales: BAC Films
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Dir. Viktor Kossakovsky
Our critic said: “Although a documentary, Kossakovsky’s extraordinary film is every bit as resonant as Bresson’s Balthazar or Bela Tarr’s Turin Horse.”
International sales: Cinephil
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Kill It And Leave This Town
Dir. Mariusz Wilczynski
Our critic said: “Making his feature-length debut, the veteran animator wanders through his own grieving mind, crafting a film so personal and handmade that it almost bears fingerprints.”
International sales: Outsider Pictures
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Dir. Ivan Ostrochovsky
Our critic said: “Ostrochovsky’s insidiously flinty, supremely assured and chillingly stylish second feature spins a story which is of utmost relevance today.”
International sales: Loco Films
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Dir. Josephine Decker
Our critic said: “Following 2018’s acclaimed Madeline’s Madeline, Decker consolidates her reputation with Shirley; the first film she has not written herself but which shows as assertive an auteur signature as any of her work.”
International sales: Cornerstone Films 
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