Screen critics recommend the top films at the 2018 Berlin Film Festival.

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museum c alejandra carvajal 3

Source: Alejandra Carvajal

Gael García Bernal

Dir: Alonso Ruizpalacios
Our critic said: “While Ruizpalacios has the time of his life playing with style, Museum also offers a serious commentary on Mexican history and the contradictions of the anthropology and archeology industry, as seen in an opening archive newsreel and a provocative monologue from Russell Beale.” 
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In The Aisles

in the aisles c sommerhaus filmproduktion : anke neugebauer

Source: sommerhaus filmproduktion : anke neugebauer

Sandra Hüller, Franz Rogowski

Dir: Thomas Stuber
Our critic said: “In her first significant role since the triumphant Toni Erdmann, Hüller has humour positively dancing in her eyes and around her mouth. But her flirtatious Marion is married, albeit unhappily. As that reality sinks in, for both, Stuber pulls aside his hitherto fanciful façade and reveals the pain felt by characters whose thankless jobs barely enable them to make ends meet.”
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styx c benedict neuenfels

Source: Benedict Neuenfels


Dir: Wolfgang Fischer
Our critic said: “Death, and the spectre thereof, haunts Wolfgang Fischer’s Styx at nearly every point, as its allusive title might suggest. Premiering in the Panorama Special programme, this sobering, nearly dialogue-free drama follows a burned out emergency medic as she seeks restorative calm on a solo yacht trip, only to find out there’s no escaping life’s pitiless turns.”
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Isle Of Dogs

Isle of dogs fox searchlight

Source: Fox Searchlight

‘Isle Of Dogs’

Dir: Wes Anderson
Our critic said: “The film is bursting with colour out of its elaborate miniatures, audacious choices which demand to be admired (bright purple volcanos, vibrant reds, cherry blossoms, leached-out sequences which pay tribute to Japanese cinema’s majestic past). Isle Of Dogs is also filled with music throughout (regular collaborator Alexandre Desplat is not easily identifiable in a robustly Japanese score), even if it’s only whistling.”
Worldwide distribution: Fox Searchlight

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The Heiresses

the heiresses c lababosacine

Source: lababosacine

Ana Brun, Ana Ivanova

Dir: Marcelo Martinessi
Our critic said: “There is much to admire for those who chime with the languid rhythms and language of loaded sidelong glances. An acting prize for the mesmerising Ana Brun is not out of the question; this would certainly give a boost to the picture going forward from its premiere in competition in Berlin. Further festival berths seem assured.”
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U-July 22

u july 22 c agnete brun 2

Source: Agnete Brun

Andrea Berntzen

Dir: Erik Poppe
Our critic said: “While the script is based on testimonies, the characters are fictitious. Despite the death count, the result is not the on-screen bloodbath it might have been, but an achingly visceral suggestion of how it must feel to be inside an ongoing assault (terrorist or otherwise), with the uncertainty, panic and fear that creates.”
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Boys Cry

boys cry c berlinale

Source: Berlinale

Max Tortora, Andrea Carpenzano

Dir: Damiano D’Innocenzo
Our critic said: “An intelligent, involving story is buoyed by two excellent central performances from newcomers Matteo Olivetti and Andrea Carpenzano, and further festival play should follow the film’s Berlin Panorama bow. Theatrical interest should be particularly strong at home, but the picture should chime with international audiences previously drawn to high quality, provocative European fare such as Girlhood (2014), A Prophet (2009) and Gomorrah (2008).” 
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Sunday’s Illness

sundays illness c lucia faraig

Source: Lucía Faraig

Bárbara Lennie

Dir: Ramón Salazar
Our critic said: “The first encounter between estranged mother and daughter is blistering. Surrounded by the wreckage of a dinner party, Anabel gestures dismissively for a final glass of red wine. It is then that she recognises Chiara; until that point invisible as just another member of the waiting staff. There is a long moment of stricken silence, then Chiara drops a scrawled note on the table and wordlessly walks away.”
International sales: Zeta Cinema,

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eldorado c majesticzero one film peter indergand 2

Source: Majestic/zero one film / Peter Indergand


Dir: Markus Imhoof
Our critic said: “In the soft-spoken but hard-hitting documentary Eldorado, Markus Imhoof shows us souls in purgatory; refugees who may have survived the hazardous crossing to Europe from Africa, but are barely allowed to exist once they get there.”
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The Green Fog

the green fog c berlinale

Source: Berlinale

The Green Fog

Dir: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson
Our critic said: “A dazzling, studious exercise in found footage excavation and reconfiguration, laced with tongue in cheek. It’s a love letter to Hitchcock’s Vertigo and the city of San Francisco… and perhaps also to Rock Hudson. And Chuck Norris. Continued festival play is a given.”
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