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  • The Host

    Singapore’s Boku Films to co-produce The Host sequel


    Singaporean production company Boku Films has signed an MOU with Korea’s Chungeorahm to co-produce and invest $5m in the Korean sequel to hit monster movie The Host .

  • Christopher Lee

    Scorpio East, RAM to co-finance Tong’s Kidnapper


    Singaporean filmmaker Kelvin Tong is set to direct a suspense thriller, Kidnapper , which will be co-financed by Singapore’s Scorpio East Pictures and Malaysia’s RAM Pictures PMP Entertainment.

  • News

    Singapore’s MDA launches fund for international projects


    Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) has unveiled details of a new fund, dubbed the International Film Fund (IFF), that will invest up to $3.4m (S$5m) each in 17-20 international projects. The IFF is open to animation and live-action features at any stage of production, so long as the producers are ...