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Laurence Boyce

  • Bradford International Film Festival cancelled


    Move by National Media Museum signals concern over regional provision in the UK for the arts.
  • Bartosz Prokopowicz talks 'Chemo'


    Polish director Bartosz Prokopowicz discusses his autobiographical love story Chemo.
  • Harvey Keitel on his career and Hollywood


    US star discusses Youth, Bad Lieutenant and the Robert De Niro way of reading a script.
  • Jamie Dornan talks war movie 'Anthropoid'


    Fifty Shades of Grey star joined by director Sean Ellis at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
  • 'Hopefuls': Review


    Dir: Ives Rosenfeld. Brazil 2015. 75 mins
  • 'The Gold Coast': Review


    Dir: Daniel Dencik. Denmark 2015. 114 mins
  • Future Frames spotlights emerging filmmakers at Karlovy Vary


    New Karlovy Vary programme showcases European film school talent.
  • Marcin Koszałka, 'The Red Spider'


    The debut of Polish director Marcin Koszalka will world premiere in competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
  • Ives Rosenfeld, 'Aspirantes'


    Young footballer drama to open the Forum of Independents section at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
  • Dietrich Brüggemann, 'Heil'


    Stations of the Cross director returns with a Neo-Nazi satire, which plays in competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
  • Tomasz Mielnik, 'Journey to Rome'


    Surreal road movie to open East of the West competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
  • Daniel Dencik, 'The Gold Coast'


    Swedish born director to screen period drama in competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
  • Oscars: Best Foreign-Language Film interviews


    Directors of foreign language Oscar submissions talk to Screen about the thinking behind their films. Interviews by Laurence Boyce, Sarah Cooper, Melanie Goodfellow, Wendy Mitchell and Juan Sarda
  • No Man’s Island


    Dir: Ferenc Török. Hungary. 2014. 95mins
  • Hungarian Film Week returns after dispute


    Event returns in Budapest after being dogged by controversy
  • Agnes Havas, Hungarian Film Fund


    With Hungary having a huge presence at the 2014 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Laurence Boyce talked to the CEO of the Hungarian Film Fund to find out about the current outlook for the country’s industry.
  • Late Season


    Dir: Danilo Caputo. Italy-Romania-Greece. 2014. 80mins
  • Cherry Tobacco


    Dirs/scr: Katrin & Andres Maimik. Estonia. 2014. 93mins
  • Kebab & Horoscope


    Dir/scr: Grzegorz Jaroszuk. Poland. 2014. 72mins
  • Norway


    Dir/scr: Yiannis Veslemes. Greece. 2014. 74mins
  • Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, Paris of the North


    After seeing his debut feature Either Way remade into US film Prince Avalanche, director and writer Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson talks to Laurence Boyce about his second feature, which receives its world premiere in Karlovy Vary.
  • Katrin & Andres Maimik, Cherry Tobacco


    Estonian film Cherry Tobacco has its World Premiere in Karlovy Vary. Laurence Boyce talks to the married director Andres and Katrin Maimik about influences, first love and dumpling faces.
  • Grzegorz Jaroszuk, Kebab & Horoscope


    KARLOVY VARY: Grzegorz Jaroszuk’s debut feature Kebab & Horoscope is the eagerly awaited first feature from the graduate of Lódz Film School which will premiere in the East of the West Competition. Laurence Boyce asks him about his influences and improvisation.
  • Karlovy Vary: Ben Rivers


    British filmmaker and artist Ben Rivers will be one of the three recipients of a retrospective at this year’s Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Laurence Boyce caught up with him to ask what the retrospective holds.
  • Signe Baumane, Rocks In My Pockets


    Rocks In My Pockets, the debut feature from respected animator Signe Baumane, will be the first animated feature ever to take part in the Karlovy Vary International Competition. Laurence Boyce spoke to her about the film.
  • Clermont Ferrand prizes awarded


    Prizes to Bulgaria, China and Canada as Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival draws to a close.
  • Short Film Market at Clermont wraps


    The 29th Short Film Market at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival closed on Feb 7.
  • Absolutely Modern


    Dir/scr: Phillipe Mora. US. 2013. 105mins
  • Karlovy Vary winners include Grand Cahier, Field in England


    Janos Szasz’s Le Grand Cahier walked away with the Crystal Globe at the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
  • Joanna Kos-Krauze, Papusza


    The co-director of Polish film Papusza, screening in Karlovy Vary’s competition, tells Screen about her desire to bring the Polish poet back to prominence.
  • Fukunaga showcases Sleepwalkers at KV


    The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival welcomed Cary Fukunaga yesterday for a special event showcasing the latest short film from the director of such films as Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre.
  • Ben Wheatley explains A Field In England's multi-platform strategy


    As A Field In England prepares for its multi-platform release in the UK, director Ben Wheatley and producer Andrew Starke were in Karlovy Vary to present the film in competition.
  • Janos Szász and Sándor Pál, The Notebook


    Screen speaks to the director and producer of Le Grand Cahier (aka The Notebook) which screens at Karlovy Vary and is one of the first films to come out of the new Hungarian National Film Fund
  • Oliver Stone: 'Film can't change things but it can educate'


    Screen talks to Oliver Stone in Karlovy Vary for a retrospective of his work
  • Jerry Schatzberg


    Screen International caught up with the director of The Panic It Needle Park and the 1973 Palme D’or winning Scarecrow as he visits the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for a retrospective of his work.
  • Godeau in KV: 'In films reality gets changed. And films change reality'


    The director of French thriller 11.6, which has its International Premiere in Karlovy Vary’s International Competition, talks about crafting a feature film from real life events
  • My Stuff


    Dir: Petri Luukkainen. Finland. 2012. 80mins
  • Finnish Blood Swedish Heart


    Dir: Mika Ronkainen. Finland. 2012. 90mins
  • Shorts in the Oscar frame


    The film-makers behind this year’s live action and animated short film Oscar contenders range from new talents to experienced studio hands. Screen profiles the nominees.
  • Demons


    Dir/scr: Ain Mäeots. Estonia. 2012. 118mins
  • All Musicians Are Bastards


    Dir/scr: Heleri Saarik. Estonia. 2012. 90mins
  • Continuity


    Dir/scr: Phillipe Mora. US, 2012, 91mins
  • New Latvian Film Festival announced for September


    Supporting festivals such as Warsaw and Tallinn to screen films at the event.
  • Ben Rivers and Ben Russell complete shoot for documentary A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness


    The director of Two Years At Sea finishes latest film co-directed with filmmaker Ben Russell.
  • Karlovy Vary attracts 803 industry professionals


    New industry initiatives include Barrandov-sponsored prize for best film in Works In Progress. Deals signed for Yuma [pictured] and This Ain’t California.
  • Susan Sarandon talks kids, ‘Cloud Atlas’ and Karlovy Vary


    Arriving in Karlovy Vary, Susan Sarandon was in a positive mood and keen to talk about here past present and future.
  • The Exam


    Dir: Péter Bergendy. Hungary. 2012. 89mins
  • People Out There


    Dir/scr: Aiks Karapetjans. Latvia. 2012. 89mins
  • To Kill A Beaver


    Dir: Jan Jakub Kolski. Poland. 2012. 99mins
  • Mushrooming


    Dir/scr: Toomas Hussar. Estonia. 2012. 95mins
  • Karlovy Vary Q&A: Robert Vinovskis, People Out There


    Set to premiere in the East of the West competition, Aik Karapetjans’ People Out There is an intense Latvian film about a young man who dreams of a better life despite his difficult circumstances.
  • Karlovy Vary Q&A: Toomas Hussar, Mushrooming


    Estonian film Mushrooming is an intriguing mixture of satire and drama as a politician, in the midst of being accused of expense fraud, finds himself lost in the woods.
  • Karlovy Vary Q&A: Marek Najbrt (Director), Polski Film


    The film, exploring the boundaries of reality and fiction, offers a different style than other Czech productions.
  • Karlovy Vary Q&A: Jan Jakub Kolski, To Kill A Beaver


    Polish Film To Kill A Beaver is an intense and raw tale of a soldier undertaking a mysterious mission while holed up in an abandoned farm. There he has a torrid encounter with a young girl and it soon becomes apparent all is not what it seems.
  • Karlovy Vary Q&A: Alicia Cano – El Bella Vista


    Receiving its world premiere in the Karlovy Vary Documentary Competition section, El Bella Vista is a quirky yet moving documentary about Uruguayan brothel El Bella Vista, its transvestite inhabitants and the small village community that wants to remove them and change the brothel into a Catholic School.
  • Young at heart


    The Karlovy Vary International film festival (June 29-July 7) may be entering its 47th edition, but the platform it offers to debut film-makers and its youthful popularity show it has not lost its edge.
  • Lonely Island


    Dir: Peeter Simm. Belarus-Estonia-Latvia. 2012. 100mins
  • Estonia celebrates 100 years of film history


    With a centenary of cinema to celebrate, Estonia used April 30 to recognise the achievements of some its most venerated stars and directors.
  • Coming up shorts


    The shortlists for the live-action and animated shorts categories at the Oscars include a diverse mix of styles and subject matters from around the world. Laurence Boyce previews the titles in the running for the final nominations
  • Short attention


    Screen profiles the final nominees for the live-action short and animated short Oscars.
  • The Rat King


    Dir: Petri Kotwica. Finland-Estonia. 2012. 93mins    
  • Letters To Angel


    Dir: Sulev Keedus. Estonia. 2011. 114mins
  • Bad Weather


    Dir: Giovanni Giommi. Germany-UK. 2011. 82mins
  • Work Hard, Play Hard


    Dir/scr: Carmen Losmann. Germany. 2011. 90mins
  • The Idiot


    Dir/scr: Rainer Sarnet. Estonia. 2011. 127mins
  • I Am Nasrine


    Dir: Tina Gharavi. UK. 2011. 87mins
  • Fear of Falling


    Dir: Bartosz Konopka. Poland. 2011. 90 mins
  • Given


    Dir: Wojciech Pus. Poland. 2011. 85mins
  • The Gravedigger


    Dir: Sándor Kardos. Hungary. 2010. 85mins
  • It Looks Pretty From A Distance


    Dirs: Anna Sasnal, Wilhelm Sasnal. Poland. 2011. 77mins
  • Towards The East


    Dirs: Tomasz Budzynski, Lukasz Jankowski. Poland. 2010. 103mins
  • Nobody Knows My Name


    Dir: James Nicholson, France. 2010. 85mins
  • Farts of Fury


    Dirs: Andres Maimik, Rain Tolk. Estonia. 2011. 110 mins
  • George The Hedgehog


    Dirs: Wojciech Wawszczyk, Jakub Tarkowski, Tomasz Lesniak.  Poland. 2010. 79mins
  • The Shorts Awards Race


    The shortlists for the live-action and animated short film Oscars have been finalised, with 10 titles remaining in each category. Now the Academy must cut that down to three before final nominations are announced on January 25. Laurence Boyce profiles the films
  • Erratum


    Dir: Marek Lechki  Poland. 2010. 95mins